Multi-purpose facility upgrades are a great way to attract repeat attendees and inspire teams from around the area to consider your space for practice and tournaments. Whether you would like to increase ticket sales, improve the quality of game time, or simply need a few interior updates for added facility charm, Keystone Sports Construction can help. 

As seasoned sports facility contractors, redefining the quality of your surfaces, surroundings, and overall facility ambiance begins with a personalized plan designed around your big-picture facility goals. Here are 5 of the most popular facility renovation solutions we provide.

1. Revolutionary Surface Upgrades

At the foundation of every great facility, a well-maintained playing surface is key. Keystone Sports Construction are turf and court specialists, and capture the vision of your facility with multi-colored turfs, advanced synthetics that last longer, and vibrant striping that represents your team, school, or venue with professionalism. 

If you’re dealing with natural grass or a damaged court surface, visually distracting and dangerous surface inconsistencies are an eyesore and a risk to every player that steps onto the field. Our ultra-durable turfs and quality surface materials are ideal for every kind of sport. We utilize advanced materials to ensure that traction, material integrity, and color are retained for years of safer and optimized performance. 

If your facility could benefit from a better surface at the center of it all, we offer: 

  • Comprehensive Resurfacing & Repair Services
  • Ongoing Guidance & Maintenance Care
  • Various Turfs, Multiple Colors, & Professional Striping

2. Protect Fans & Keep the Action Contained

After elevating your facility’s appeal with the brighter and safer surface material, consider investing in a ball safety netting system for benefits on and off the field. Our rugged netting systems are custom-tailored around your arena’s parameters and are one of the most cost-effective solutions for preventing serious fan injuries.

3. Improve Seating Accommodations

While you may have plenty of high-visibility seating surrounding the arena, if your bleachers and seating are poorly maintained or uncomfortable, it may be time to rethink your seating situation. A low-cost investment in handrails along the stairs and other fan-friendly features designed into the seating area naturally leads to happier fans and increased ticket sales. 

4. Incorporate Better Lighting

Another often overlooked facility feature is adequate lighting. Purchasing brighter overhead lighting and incorporating cheap row lights along the walkways invite both safety and more welcoming energy into your space. Players will appreciate the additional lighting at game time, and fans can safely descend the stairs on the way to their next concession purchase. 

5. Contact Us for a Free Facility Consultation

There’s no one-size-fits-all facility upgrade, and ultimately, the right upgrades depend on your specific layout, sports played, and overall facility plans. Keystone Sports Construction specializes in bringing out the best in the facilities we work with, and will gladly help you define a budget-friendly strategy to elevate the quality of your space for less! Contact us today!