Building your dream facility involves a range of important considerations to make the most of your space. Whether you’re starting with a fresh plan, have an existing facility you want to renovate, or want to know the best options before moving forward with a turf field installation, here are some great ideas to keep in mind as you decide on the next steps for your facility. 

1. Consider Audience Needs & Capacity Regulations

Planning for large audiences, concession vendors, and legally allowed maximum occupancy is a great place to start. Depending on the location of your facility, how many teams will be visiting, and the types of sporting events hosted, it’s necessary to come up with realistic attendance figures and the amount of space you will need to host the audiences and concessions. From seating and entry planning to space design and lighting placement, planning with detailed space requirements is essential. 

2. Consider Which Sports Will Utilize the Field

There is a range of artificial turf options designed to accommodate almost every sport imaginable. Prepare a list of the sports that will be using the field, consider the frequency of use/surface demands, and other important details, like: 

  • Safety Requirements: If the field will be used for high-impact sports, consider investing in a turf field that offers greater shock absorption.
  • Traffic Demands: If you expect your field to be used excessively for practice, games, and tournaments, invest in a turf field that boasts enhanced durability.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: Many artificial surfaces resemble natural grass while enhancing player performance at the same time. You can customize fields with lines for many different sports, and even upgrade the space with personalized team logos! 

3. Consider Maintenance Requirements

When in the planning phases for a new facility, it’s important to consider future maintenance needs. Unlike traditional grass fields, turf maintenance is easier, cheaper, and allows you to focus on running your arena. No monthly lawn fees, excessive water bills, or ongoing grass repair services; just simplified maintenance that saves your facility time and money.

4. Consider Potential Return on Investment

Capitalize on your new field for long-term financial gains. You can rent your turf field to other teams, and since turf field cost is recovered by long-term savings on maintenance and natural grass management, using turf in your new facility is the obvious choice if you’re hoping to protect your facility’s budget. 

5. Consider Versatile Use Options

Beyond providing a better athletic surface and audience experience, a turf field presents a wonderful opportunity to host other events. For school charity events, fun social gatherings, and a safer place for students to exercise, a turf installation opens up a world of opportunities for your new facility. 

If you’re in the planning phase for your new facility, our skilled facility designers would love to assist. We offer full-service project management and can help you with every aspect of your facility upgrade. As licensed and experienced field contractors, we’ve managed a range of full-scale projects with professional quality installations, and offer complete customization to bring every detail of your facility plans into reality.