Superior Quality, Durability and Performance

Our turf is manufactured by Turf Nation, known for the exceptional quality and integrity of its materials, and trusted by leading professional sports franchises, universities, high schools and community sports leagues. Turf Nation is the proud manufacturer of turf for Super Bowl 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018.  We invite you to tour the Turf Nation manufacturing facility to see the quality first hand.


10 year warranty

Professional Grade Stadium Surface

TN52-S is the turf of choice for high school and college stadium fields.

  • Ideal multi-sport turf surface
  • Provides a firm and fast surface that enhances player performance and safety
  • Superior durability, quality and longevity
  • 10-year warranty

The FC Elite

turf choice for soccer stadiums

Ultimate Professional Grade Soccer Stadium Surface

The FC Elite surface is engineered specifically for soccer stadiums.

  • Excellent impact absorption and extended field life
  • Designed to enhance player performance and safety
  • Durable and robust
  • Looks more like natural grass


all sport solution

Ultimate Nylon Surface for Field Hockey and Arena Sports

N48 is the ultimate nylon surface for field hockey and convertible arena sports programs.

  • Compressed system of dense fiber
  • No infill
  • Provides a firmer, faster surface for ball roll
  • Maximum durability
  • Outstanding versatility for convertible needs

The Keystone Difference

100% Dow C8 Resin

While the majority of the industry is using inferior C4, C6, or Blended C8 polyethylene resins to produce their turf fibers, we’re utilizing 100% C8 Polyethylene resin. We also elected to use Dow Chemical as our provider to ensure that our products were backed by a best in breed company. Our C8 fibers could add years of life to your field compared to the competition’s inferior options.

Stronger Urethane Coating

Turf fibers are held in place by a dimensionally stable 3 layer primary backing system and coated with high quality urethane to ensure a professional grade performance. A heavier-weight urethane coating can help dramatically decrease turf fiber loss over the life of your field. Keystone uses a heavy 20–26-ounce urethane coating to assure long-term wearability and dimensional stability. This means that your field will experience less shedding and longer durability even in areas of heavy field wear. Our higher-quality urethane coating also assures that field lines, football tic marks, circles, logos and other markings will not shift over time. This stability is critical for the accuracy of the game and the visual attractiveness of the field.

Superior UV Stabilizers and Color Packages

Exposure to sun and weather can degrade turf fibers. Keystone uses the highest-quality UV stabilizers and color packages to help maintain color and keep fibers from breaking down. This assures that our fields reach their warranty life span. It also assures that logos and other colored components remain vibrant – an important factor in brand recognition for collegiate and professional athletic organizations.

Independently Tested

Keystone doesn’t just claim to provide a higher-level of quality. We prove it. Most importantly, we provide independent verification that the turf field we specify and sell is the exact turf field we deliver. This matters in an industry where some companies have been known to increase their profits by delivering a field that does not meet the original specifications.

You can trust Keystone. Every field we produce is independently tested by a third-party laboratory to verify that all components are of the specified quality. You will receive a copy of this testing report, which will show results for, face weight, pile height ,tuft bind and coating process.

Heavier Face Weights

Face weight is the term used to describe the density of fibers in a turf product.  A heavier face weight turf will contain more fibers. This creates a more durable field and provides a more uniform and dynamic playing surface for players and balls. Fibers will be held firmly in place, helping to prevent sand or rubber infill from migrating, an issue that can affect player safety and lead to lower body injuries.

Some companies will install fields with face weights in the 30-ounce range. To assure performance and safety, Keystone will NOT produce a field that is less than 40 ounces. We encourage our customers to look at 50-ounce or greater options.

Discover the Keystone Difference. Contact Us For More Information.

Wide Product Selection for Your Specific Application

Choose Your Sport

Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.


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