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At Keystone Sports Construction, we understand that long-lasting turf fields begin with high-quality products. As one of the industry’s most trusted purveyors of artificial turf, Keystone Sports Construction understands that our reputation begins and ends with the turf we supply our clients. That’s what makes our partnership with Turf Nation so valuable to both Keystone Sports and our valued customers.

Keystone Sports Construction has the experience and know-how to handle nearly every aspect of your artificial turf installationproject. For the turf itself, however, we turn to one of the most respected names in synthetic turf manufacturing: Turf Nation.

Making the Grade on a National Stage

Last year, as the Philadelphia Eagles charged to victory over the New England Patriots, the staff and engineers at Turf Nation had extra cause for celebration, because the big game was played on a turf field provided by Turf Nation. For the fourth time in six years, the biggest game in the world was played on turf created by the engineers at Turf Nation. That achievement is no small feat. It’s a clear indicator of the craftsmanship woven into every field Turf Nation supplies, and it’s one of the primary reasons Keystone Sports Construction is so proud of the partnership they’ve forged with one of the nation’s most successful and reliable turf manufacturers. 

Superior Products, Superior Turf

The Turf Nation difference begins with the best ingredients. That’s why the manufacturer relies on nothing but the best.

  • 100% Dow C8 Resin —While several turf builders rely on inferior polyethylene resins in their artificial turf installation, Turf Nation uses C8 polyethylene resin from Dow Chemical, one of the most reliable brands in the world, to craft fibers that can outlast the competition’s product by years.
  • Keep Your Field Vibrant —Turf Nation imbues every field with top-of-the-line UV stabilizers to help prevent degradation under harsh UV rays. They also offer premier color packages designed to keep the lines on your field beautiful even in the face of the elements. In sun, wind, and rain, your turf will stand strong and keep thriving.
  • Heavyweight Urethane Coating —Some companies use lighter weight urethane coating for their synthetic turf as a cost-cutting measure. Turf Nation relies on a heavier weight urethane coating that has shown to decrease field shedding and keep your lines straight for longer than the alternative. Durability is the name of the game.
  • The Weight Makes a Difference —Some industry manufacturers will pitch a lighter face weight for your turf which serves to increase their bottom line at the expense of your field quality. A face weight lower than 40 ounces could mean a loss of life for your field. Turf Nation fields are produced with a face weight of no less than 40 ounces.

This attention to every detail is a small taste of the forethought that goes into each artificial turf installationproject Keystone Sports Construction builds and why a partnership with Turf Nation is key to their project successes.

American Made Excellence

In the years since the company was established, Turf Nation has worked tirelessly in their quest to become an all-in-one turf manufacturer.

The Turf Nation plant has several high-precision tufting lines that ensure your project remains a priority and is handled quickly and efficiently. When you’re pursuing a distinct visual style, look no further than the full-service logo department ready and waiting to work to achieve your vision.

Their vast inventory of supplies means Turf Nation’s and Keystone’s customers don’t have to endure longer waiting periods between inspiration and artificial turf installation. What’s more, all of the work is done in the United States of America. In a news release, Turf Nation asserted that, “All components of a Turf Nation synthetic turf system are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and each surface is custom-designed to a team’s or school’s specific needs.”

This superior customization and domestic expertise are a few of the many reasons Turf Nation was the choice of such world-renowned organizations as the University of Kentucky Wildcats, the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, and the Minnesota Vikings along with more than 11 other NFL teams.

Oversight, Education, and Independent Review

Keystone Sports Construction is proud of our partnership with Turf Nation; delivering their expert craftsmanship in the fields we build to our clients. Because of the partnership, you can count on the Keystone team to ensure your artificial turf installationproject is infused with Turf Nation’s high-reaching brand of quality.

During selection and construction of your synthetic turf, Keystone’s team can answer any questions you might have. For those customers who want to experience the quality firsthand, Keystone Sports Construction is also happy to arrange a tour of Turf Nation’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to learn more about the detailed process and see the quality and craftsmanship.

Keystone’s partnership with Turf Nation adds yet another level of quality control to your product development. Once your turf is complete, it is tested by an independent certified, third-party lab to ensure that the specifications in your contract are met down to the last detail. From there, the excitement that comes with installation of your artificial turfbegins.

After installation, Keystone Sports Construction remains your partner for as long as you need us. Our reliable warranties go the distance to help protect our customers’ interests, and our array of inspection, maintenance, and repair services will help keep your field in top shape.

A Shared Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

Keystone Sports Construction insists on constructing every one of our turf fields with precision and care. The pros at Turf Nation share that guiding philosophy, which is why our partnership is so vital to the success of every field we build and install.

Both Keystone Sports Construction and Turf Nation have built their reputation by providing first-rate turf, time after time. That commitment to quality is a unifying trait that makes the partnership between possible. At the high school, collegiate, or pro levels, they approach every installation with this same focus.

Find out more by visiting our website today and or contact us to get the conversation started with one of the turf field experts at a Keystone Sports Construction.

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Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.

Choose Your Sport

Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.





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