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In the world of sports and competitive leagues, all frequently-used equipment eventually wears out. Artificial turf deteriorates beneath the feet of athletes just like the uniforms, shoes and protective padding they wear. Unlike many pieces of sports gear, however, synthetic fields are different because they can last many years instead of just a season or two. Regardless, the time eventually comes when replacement is necessary.

Identify the Signs of Aging Turf

There are signs of wear and tear that indicate the time has arrived for new turf. Frayed and worn-down surface fibers can result in your field taking on a shade of greenish-gray or greenish blue rather than one of vibrant green. Similarly, separating seams can cause the rubber infill to disperse, resulting in an inconsistent and overly-firm playing surface.

Also, field inlays which mark boundaries and yardage can become increasingly loose. While the above factors can result in the unsavory look of a worn-out field, the greater concern is safety. Prevalent slipping and tripping hazards and an unforgiving landing surface can increase injuries.

At this point, it is important to account for your turf field costas a necessary investment in high performance equipment rather than an untimely expense. A safe playing surface can enhance your facility by making it attractive and eco-friendly, while serving as an asset to your team.

Get the Facts on Safety First

If you think the time has come to replace your field, it is important to have it professionally assessed by a respected company such as Keystone Sports Construction. These industry leaders will use the latest technology to accurately test and rate the condition of your field according to the officially recognized Gmax testing standards. This method calculates the g-force impact absorption value of the existing surface and how it relates to the player experience.

A field with a high Gmax score means that players are exposed to conditions more conducive to broken bones and traumatic head injuries. Such a score occurs when the rubber infill has either thinned out due to frayed seams or become severely compressed beneath the heavily used areas.

Weakened stitching joints can also become unseen snags that, in addition to being part of an unpredictable surface can hinder the overall performance of your athletes. Once your Gmax score has been confirmed, you can determine if the cost of a turf fieldis an immediate priority or a future concern.

While a slippery, hardened playing surface with prevalent trip hazards presents a host of safety concerns, it can also have a negative effect on player performance. Conversely, resolving these issues can build confidence and help players maintain agility while alleviating the problems that can arise from competing on a substandard field. A pitch of vibrant new turf can dramatically improve grip, traction and speed while providing a surface that offers standard absorption of high-velocity ground impact.From a long-term standpoint, providing an improved playing surface with increased safety ratings can reduce the amount of injuries from routine surface impact. This means that your team can keep more players fit and healthy throughout the year and perhaps into the postseason.

Ask for an Expert Opinion

In addition to frequent use, constant exposure to sun, wind, rain and snow will systematically wear down the integrity of the synthetic surface fibers. The time may have arrived for replacing your field, but because you see it every day and the change has been gradual, you may not be aware of it. Take a look at past team portraits and game photos from over several years and you may notice a difference in color vibrancy due to the frayed and faded nylon strands of turf.

Cosmetic concerns can play into the overall perception of your facility, the team spirit mindset and player experience. Although an opposing team may readily offer that your field is substandard, the professional opinion of a respected turf industry expert like Keystone Sports Company can let you know the true condition of your field.

While gathering a clear assessment of the overall cost of a turf fieldreplacement, also consider what a new playing surface will look like. A vivid team logo and more prominent field boundary markers enhance your teams’ image and pride, adding to the reasons to upgrade.

Manage Water Effectively

You may look at your field on a rainy day and see ponds forming in the heavily used areas and puddles expanding in ripple patterns along the entirety of the turf. This means that, in addition to the infill layers having shifted under heavy use, the sublayer drainage system is no longer working properly.

A flooding field is a stark indicator that the time has come to replace the turf. Not only does rainwater trapped on the surface deprive the soil of hydration, it can hinder play altogether resulting in cancelled or postponed games.

When you elect to replace a turf field, the sublayer drainage system can also be repaired or re-installed. This directs rainwater to the subsoil so that it can naturally disperse into the habitat. The cost of a turf fieldcan also be celebrated as eco-friendly initiative while guaranteeing that collecting water will not hinder scheduled game play.

Connect with Qualified Experts

If you feel it is time to evaluate your artificial field for safety and functionality, consider hiring qualified experts who are properly trained in a comprehensive array of services. The highly experienced professionals at Keystone Sports Construction can pinpoint areas of wear and tear, determine your field’s Gmax rating and if the need is determined, explain in detail the cost of a turf fieldreplacement, the best products for your specific facility, the replacement process and more.

When looking for a turf company, it is important to note that as synthetic surfaces increase in popularity, more and more contractors are delving into this market — many inexperienced and unqualified. Rendering quality work in this area is highly specified with tightly enforced specifications.

Contact us to align with a winning team that is trained to tackle every aspect of your artificial field replacement.

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Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.

Choose Your Sport

Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.





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