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This season, upgrade your team’s standard grass field to something proven to have a positive impact on player performance. Give your hometown heroes the edge with a synthetic turf field. Turf has been shown to improve the performance of the players on the field. Study after study has concluded that turf provides athletes with a demonstrable advantage over a standard grass field.

If it’s time to replace your worn-down football field, then it’s the right time to consider synthetic turf and the benefits that a turf football field can provide your team. No matter the level of competition at which your players compete — high school, collegiate, or professional — a turf filed solution has many advantages to offer.

Take a look at eight reasons why synthetic turf is an excellent choice over grass for your home field.

1. Consistency and Sustainability in Every Blade of Grass

Because it’s humanmade, our engineers design turf fields with each fiber placed precisely the same distance from the one nearest it with perfect consistency over every single yard. Known as Balanced Matrix construction, this innovative process is designed for speed, better footing and performance, and to increase player safety.

Unlike a normal grass field, when athletes run plays on turf, they’re likely to see better footing, optimized speed and performance compared to a grass alternative.

2. Exert Control Over the Ball

There’s more than just base beneath the surface of the fibers of a turf football field. Athletic organizations can choose to use turf infill mixtures customized with a variety of goals in mind. Your team may find use in a field capable of absorbing extra impact, or one that’s been crafted to control overall field speed or extend the life of your field.

As important, with turf, your players get comfortable learning to play on a field that will yield similar results time and again.

3. Improve Agility

Coaches and players alike understand that, in football, speed is critical. Turf can help your team get a boost where it counts. In a study conducted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, researchers discovered that player agility consistently increased by three percent when running on field turf rather than grass.

The ability to turn while maintaining speed was referred to in the study as “significantly faster” when compared to grass.

4. Resilience Your Players Can Feel

Throughout the nation, several sports programs do not have the luxury of practicing on a different field other than the one on which they play. Practicing three to four times a week plus gameday can take a toll on a standard grass field.

When used on a consistent basis, a grass field can become worn down and rock-hard, posing a potential safety threat to players. This is especially true in a full-contact sport like football, where falling to the ground is inevitable.

If you practice on the same field on which you play, turf proves not only more shock absorbent than grass, it remains that way under heavy use. As a result, your players will find turf a safer alternative to well-trod grass.

5. Get More Time on the Field, Day-In and Day-Out

When it rains on a standard grass field, practices and games need to be canceled, because playing just a single game on mud can ruin a grass field for weeks or months.

A turf football field is naturally resistant to damage from rain, mud, and ice; little to no cancellations necessary. That dependability allows football teams to practice on a consistent basis and count on playing conditions that are largely unchanged in inclement weather.

6. Long Term, Weather-Resistant Quality

Over the course of a season, a heavily used football field can develop uneven surfaces, patches of mud and even the occasional pothole. These naturally occurring drawbacks to grass can put players at risk of severe injuries.

Artificial turf’s weather resistance goes a long way toward preventing the issues commonly associated with heavily-used grass. In fact, turf can help prevent players from succumbing to the pitfalls presented when extreme weather strikes.

7. Don’t Let Maintenance Interfere with Play Time

Grass needs to be seeded annually, and “rested” between heavy use if it is to retain a lush look and steady play. Even more troubling, grass goes dormant around mid-October in areas of the United States that experience especially cold temperatures in the winter. Any flaws on the field at that time largely cannot be repaired until the following spring.

Turf football fields require maintenance to remain at peak condition, but they do not need to be mowed, seeded, or rested between uses. That translates to more uninterrupted play time for your team. Turf fields are also immune to dormancy, which means it’s possible to address potential issues with your turf field regardless of the time of year.

8. Safety Woven into Every Inch

Helmets and pads are considered an indispensable part of any football team’s safety protocol. Your field can play a hand in keeping your players safe, as well. In addition to the athletic benefits, turf provides an extra layer of shock absorption designed to lessen the impact of tackles and falls.

What’s more, a number of natural grass fields need to be sloped to “promote proper water drainage.” This gradual slope can contribute to potential injuries on the field. Such a precaution isn’t necessary with artificial turf. That means you get a flat, even surface on which to play.

It’s Time to Charge Forward

Your home field deserves to live up to your team’s expectations. Take the next step with the experts at Keystone Sports Construction and let’s work together to find the perfect synthetic turf football field for you. Our unique approach to the industry means that you’ll get a partner as committed as you are to giving your team a reliable alternative to grass.

No matter your needs — high school, collegiate, or even professional — Keystone Sports Construction has the solution. Visit our website and let one of our talented team members help you get the ball rolling today.

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Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.

Choose Your Sport

Whether the objective is home runs, touchdowns, goals or finishes, Keystone can customize a turf solution for any sport.





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